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Jo Butcher - Embroidery Artist

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The first time I stepped into a Country Living Fair back in 1999, I had that 10 second reaction that you get when you walk into a house and know it's where you want to call home, in this case it was for my business!

In 2011 I had my first stand, and I've been there each Spring and Christmas since. 

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So, if like me, you've dreamt of having a stand at the Country Living Fair, here are 15 top tips to help you prepare and prevent the dream becoming a nightmare!

  1. Plan... every last inch.

  2. How are you going to fill your space? Cover a table? How can you add height? Is the display stable? Colours? Does it reflect your product and branding?

  3. Practice your set up. Get feedback from a friend whose taste you trust. Photograph it for reference on the day.

  4. Stock, I still struggle with the quantity question. A good mix of what works best. You rarely sell out of everything and if you are only left with one item of a bestseller take orders (with free P&P?)
  5. Pricing, tricky subject! Make sure labels are clear. Have a price list for yourself, when the adrenaline is running your brain and tongue can fail to coordinate. Mine does!

  6. Float. Do you have the ability to take credit cards?

  7. Website - obviously.

  8. Business cards, this is your shop window, I have had commissions years after a conversation at a Fair!

  9. Different price points. I love champagne but often only have beer money.

  10. Mailing list, any offers to entice?

  11. Tea! There is an exhibitor lounge where free tea and coffee is available. Hooray!

  12. Don't worry you will make mistakes.  We all have. Don't be so hard on yourself. Learn and move on!

  13. Smile. you are selling your creation which you have put hours into. people will be interested in your work and you. This is the time to promote yourself....

  14. Breathe.

  15. Lastly, you've worked hard to get here, enjoy the feedback and hopefully the takings too!




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